In the Year of Youth, 50 finalists of the IV Art Academy of UNESCO Clubs from all over the country have passed a unique educational program.

27 June 2017

As a part of the Year of Youth celebration, the IV Art Academy of UNESCO Clubs will take place in Almaty from June 16 to 26. The annual 10- day innovation platform for improving the level of education and comprehensive development of young people is dedicated to the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs.

Art Academy of UNESCO Clubs is a unique platform for the youth of Kazakhstan that offers the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills in all areas of education from leading experts and masterminds of the country. Having its start in 2016, the project in now an annual event organized by Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs and of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan- Elbasy. The Academy aims to develop and support talented young people of Kazakhstan as well as educate them in the spirit of tolerance which could shape the countrys future with creative and scientific potential. The project will present a chance for the gifted children and young people from all parts of Kazakhstan, regardless of their social status, to have free access to advanced programs of UNESCO in the field of culture, science and education, as well as to present a chance to discover and improve their creativity and scientific potential.

The aim of the project: the development and support of the talented younger generation of Kazakhstan through the implementation of innovative techniques in education which would shape the future of creative potential of the country.

Today, when the country makes plans for the future and determines aspects of future development, undoubtedly, its main force is youth- vibrant young leaders, who were raised with a strong sense of patriotism and the civil duty that comes with it. In this regard, this is the fourth cycle of Art Academy of UNESCO Clubs that opened their doors for the gifted younger people from the age of 12- 18 who came from all parts of Kazakhstan. Improving the Academy program yearly, this year the organizers of the project, apart from traditional artistic areas, have introduced a new nomination- research and project activities.

Organizers: Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs together with Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan- Elbasy, with the support of Chevron company.

The competition part of the project covered more than 2000 of the most motivated and gifted children and young teens from 14 regions and provinces of our vast country. The competent jury that selected 50 of the most talented children in six nominations for participation in the Academy. Our 10- day innovative educational program was built in following directions: research and project activities, communication skills and oratory art, fine arts, musical art, vocal and choreographic arts.

-Art Academy of UNESCO Clubs is a great example and a great model of the educational project, with the use of best international practices and techniques that contribute to the scientific potential of the country. We are always happy to work with the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan- Elbasy and the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, fully involving the younger generation to form a national brand of our country, and uniting all with the common goal of integration of Kazakhstani culture with the world, which would, therefore, increase the competitiveness of domestic science,- Zhanar Koshpanova, coordinator for public relations at Chevron.

According to coordinators, students of the Academy have taken participated in an intense educational and cultural program that took into account interests of each participant. A huge job has been done in order to find the best mentors, speakers with innovative techniques in teaching and lecturing. The program has also been diversified in a way that students now can get valuable knowledge though special practical lectures on STEAM Education, various master classes, a series of trainings on leaderships skills of the 21st century, tolerance, the formation of global citizenship with guest teachers from leading universities of the country.
Additionally, among numerous outstanding figures in arts and sciences of Kazakhstan and the winners of the Prize of the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan- Elbasy, mentors were chosen, which later on shared their expertise and knowledge with the finalists, helping them prepare for the final part of the project. Moreover, the finalists were able to visit the editorial office of the information portals Tengrinews,, and media portal The Steppe, Almaty TV channel, editorial office of a popular journal OYLA as well as discover behind the scenes of the National Academic Theater of dance of Republic of Kazakhstan and the Theater of Modern Dance Samruk.

Thanks to the support of well- known figures of Kazakhstan such as Gani Abadan (Business coach, Member of the Council for Science at the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan- Elbasy. Author of the first training book on building business #), Almas Ordabayev (scientific editor of non- fiction magazine OYLA and head of the school of sciences OYLA), Almas Tuyakbayev (founder of the project) and Arman Yusupov (the founder of Yuframe and 2any1). The opportunity to attend creative meetings and master classes with speakers mentioned earlier have been presented to our gifted participants, with the chance to ask intriguing questions so as to get closer to their dreams.

IV Academy of Art of the UNESCO Clubs is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs and the Year of Youth in the Repubic of Kazakhstan, as well as the promotion of Ruhani Zhanguyru national program.

The final outcome of this event was a gala concert in which participants in musical, vocal and choreographic nominations have demonstrated their skills and abilities. In addition, the finalists of the fine arts have presented their final pieces, made under the guidance of well- known artists within the framework of the exhibition of artists. In the scientific activity nomination, participants for the first time in the history of the project have performed in the format of Science Slam that offers intellectual competition in a simple and accessible language. In turn, finalists from the communicative- oratory art nominations, having improved their skills in oratory and acting arts, presented their world- known works during their performance. The best graduates of the Academy will certainly be a unique reserve of future creative and scientific potential of Kazakhstan.

With the support of: Culture and Sport Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty city akimat, Zhurgenovs National Kazakhstan Academy of Art, Kurmangazy Kazakhstan National Conservatory, Kazakhstan National Agricultural University, UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty and UNESCO Clubs in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mildom Hotel, youth science magazine OYLA, the school of programming RobotX, Science Academy GKB, Almaty Tour Studio company, Almatygenplan company, laboratory of city projects Q- Lab, Shungit Organic Line and Shugar Life.

Information partners: Almaty TV, Information Portal, Almaty Today and Davay sxodim communities.

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