Sub-Regional Consultation for CONFINTEA VII in Central Asia and Iran

19 February 2021

On 25 February 2021, UNESCO in cooperation with DVV International, will hold the Sub-Regional Consultation for CONFINTEA VII 2022 in Central Asia and Iran.

Ministers of Education, experts and specialists in the fields of adult learning and education (ALE) will gather virtually to share and understand the key common issues, innovations, challenges and forward-looking strategies in youth and adult learning and education (ALE) across the sub-region. Representatives from each country will present on the current state of ALE, identify current and future challenges, highlight innovative practice and discuss common issues, goals and opportunities for cooperation.

The Consultation will result in the preparation of a sub-regional report on key challenges, opportunities and recommendations for renewed policies and action in ALE, taking into account the particular needs, experiences and visions at sub-regional level. This report will provide the foundation for discussion and recommendations at the wider Regional Conference ahead of CONFINTEA VII in 2022. The outcome documents of the preparatory conferences represent key inputs to the draft framework for action that will be adopted by CONFINTEA VII.

The event will take place via Zoom. For participation, please register here in advance.

The working languages of the event are English and Russian, with simultaneous translation provided.

Concept note including full agenda: Concept Note CONFINTEA VII_Preparatory Sub Regional Consultation 2021 Final Draft-en.pdf .

Background information:
The Sub-Regional Consultation is taking place within the framework of the International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA), which has taken place every 12 to 13 years since the 1940s, most recently in 2009 in Belém, Brazil. At the invitation of the Kingdom of Morocco, CONFINTEA VII will take place in Morocco in 2022. It will be the first CONFINTEA since the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the most significant event for the international Adult Learning and Education (ALE) community in the lead-up to 2030, the target year of the United Nations sustainable development agenda.

CONFINTEA VII will play a significant role in assisting Member States to achieve the SDGs, particularly SDG 4 on education, by adopting a new framework for action that will replace the Belém Framework for Action , adopted at CONFINTEA VI in 2009, and the UNESCO 2015 Recommendation on Adult Learning and Education.

This Sub-Regional Consultation, along with a Preparatory Regional Conference to be held later in 2021, are part of the regular preparation for UNESCO conferences such as CONFINTEA VII.

The fifth edition of UNESCOs Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE 5) is currently in preparation and will be launched at CONFINTEA VII. GRALE 5 will provide a worldwide overview of the current state and key developments in ALE from an international perspective. Within the framework of GRALE 5, regional analysis will be prepared based on national reports and data on the state of the art and development of adult learning and education prepared by the UNESCO Member States, and will constitute background documents for the Regional Conferences. This will provide the foundation for the discussion and the formulation of recommendations, towards the Regional outcome documents that will inform CONFINTEA VII.

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Dinara Tuyakova

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