Protecting Our Heritage and Fostering Creativity

In today’s interconnected world, culture's power to transform societies is clear. Its diverse manifestations – from our cherished historic monuments and museums to traditional practices and contemporary art forms – enrich our everyday lives in countless ways. Heritage constitutes a source of identity and cohesion for communities disrupted by bewildering change and economic instability. Creativity contributes to building open, inclusive and pluralistic societies. Both heritage and creativity lay the foundations for vibrant, innovative and prosperous knowledge societies. Read more

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17 June 2015 The final of the Festival "Children in the Rhythm of World" was held in Almaty on 22 June, 2015
29 April 2015 Sixth Central Asia Sub-regional Network Meeting on the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage
6 March 2015 National Games – intangible heritage of the people. Exhibition of the painters and graphic artists of Kazakhstan
16 January 2015 The Future Starts Today
27 November 2014 Art of Dombra Kuy and art of wit, as well as the skills in making yurts were inscribed on the List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage
24 November 2014 Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan intangible cultural heritage nominations will be reviewed during the Committee meeting in Paris.
17 October 2014 Open Educational Resources become basis for partnership of musical libraries from Independent States
26 August 2014 Director-General pays tribute to the cultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan
24 July 2014 First Interregional Meeting of National Commissions for UNESCO 22-24 July 2014, Astana, Kazakhstan
23 June 2014 The Silk Roads have been inscribed to the UNESCO World Heritage List
30 May 2014 New craft works of Kazakhstani artisans submitted for "Sheber" crafts contest
27 May 2014 Silk Roads heritage to be considered for the inscription to the UNESCO World Heritage List
14 May 2014 “Night in the Museum-2014” in the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan
13 May 2014 Communities of Tajikistan learn how to inventory their rich and diverse intangible heritage
16 April 2014 The Certificate of inclusion of Kyrgyz epic trilogy "Manas. Semetei. Seytek" to the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO was presented to the President of Kyrgyz Republic