The first training of researchers assessing hate speech on social media in Kyrgyzstan

16 January 2023

16-18 January 2023 UNESCO and UNDP organized training in Bishkek for a team of researchers to assess the situation with hate speech on social networks in Kyrgyzstan.

The inception workshop of a team of researchers and analysts of the project "Addressing Hate Speech and Disinformation for Social Cohesion in Kyrgyzstan" aims to develop a methodological framework for the forthcoming research. An assessment of the current situation of hate speech on social media in Kyrgyzstan will help to develop proposals to reduce it and make recommendations to improve social cohesion in Kyrgyz society.

The group included experienced media experts with practical experience in journalism, content editing, social network moderation, fact-checking, and countering the spread of misinformation in social networks, sociologists, and specialists in content monitoring and analysis with experience in conducting media research in Kyrgyzstan.

During the workshop participants will analyze the experience of international and local organizations in identifying and counteracting "hate speech" and disinformation, existing methodologies, explore the practice of moderating content for hate speech and its definition, develop a methodology for the upcoming research, and make a work plan. The developed methodology will be offered for discussion to the Multistakeholder Advisory Council to involve them in the project process.

The final goal of the project is to develop an analytical framework for ensuring freedom of expression and moderating content on social media in cases of hate speech to prevent social divisions and hate-motivated conflicts.

The project "Addressing Hate Speech and Information Pollution for Social Cohesion in Kyrgyzstan" is implemented with the support of UNDP Kyrgyzstan and UNESCO Almaty. The implementing organization is Media Consult Foundation with the participation of a Multilateral Advisory Board (MAB) that includes media experts, representatives of media outlets, state bodies, academic institutions and international organizations. Project implementation period 03 January to 29 March 2023.
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