Zarina Saidaliyeva: Stay in a good mood, and believe in a good future

15 May 2020


Zarina is an early career researcher from Kazakhstan. She graduated with an MSc degree in Hydrometeorology from the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, and worked as a Junior Research Scientist in the Department of Glaciology at the Kazakhstan Institute of Geography.

Funded by the University of Reading, she is currently a PhD student whose project focuses on the assessment of different components of the cryosphere in the mountains of Central Asia. In addition to her research, she is actively collaborating with research institutes in Central Asia on two projects: Solutions to secure clean water and in the glacier-fed catchment of Central Asia What happens after the ice? (SCWAI); and Central Asia research and adaption water network (CARAWAN).

Since the world faces a severe public emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Zarinas research has been challenged consequently due to the lockdown.

I feel this pressure, I feel the impact of the COVID-19 both on myself and my work.

But this young researcher has determined to be bounce back and has transformed herself and her work successfully.

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